Webinar with SRSG

The Sophia Refugee Support Group has been an active force in humanitarian activities in Japan when it comes to helping refugees. They are the first university club on the Sophia University campus that supports refugees and immigrants through direct action. If you go through their social media platforms you will see how vocal they have been against discrimination in Japan and how they have been trying to help refugees using several methods.

Today the staff at Discover Deep Japan was able to have a small talk with this social group, sharing more light on the situation of refugees in Japan. We were able to give them an overview of how the life of a refugee in Japan is structured and present them with our mode of operation when it comes to targeting the issues refugees in Japan face.

Most NPO’s trying to aid refugees all over the world use a charity model, which is not very sustainable because most times they lose their funding and cannot keep helping those in need, and in other cases, they face a situation of dependence from those receiving this aid. During this small talk, we were able to address these limitations and portray how Discover Deep Japan as a social enterprise is targeting these issues with a more sustainable model through tourism marketing while using the untapped potentials of minority migrants in Japan to attain its goals. We used the case of one of our staff members who is an asylum seeker and showed how he has been able to contribute to the community while working at Discover Deep Japan, and how we have been able to change his life in Japan for the better.

The participants from the Sophia Refugee Support group were very pleased to get an insight into our strategy in the fight against discrimination and they offered us a hand of support should in case we need any of their services. It was a great session and we at Discover Deep Japan look forward to partnering with the Sophia Refugee Support Group (SFSG) in the future in fighting social inequality and aiding minorities in Japan to have a better future.

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